Galerie vidéo - Divefree app demo


Vidéo # : SF0281

Région : Planéte Bleue
Saison : 2014

Nom local du poisson : Pelagiques
Nom scientifique du poisson : Pelagiques

Plongeur filmé : P Virgili
Nom du photographe : P Virgili

Commentaires du photographe : Test your skills to hold your breath! Visit: english/ français/ spagnol/ italiano/ español.. DiveFree is an application made for amateurs and professionals of free diving, and curious who want to discover strong sensations. The application will make you travel in waters where exotic and fascinating marine animals swim: dolphins, tiger sharks, great white sharks, bull sharks, blue sharks and giant Bluefin tuna. Test your skills at free diving, challenge your own scores and share your results with your friends on social networks! Downloading on Appstore and googleplay! Visit: english/ français/ spagnol/ italiano/ español.. Original music: Mato Varai "House rock 04"

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